In just 5 days, you can heal emotional and physical states of disease. The mind is our greatest obstacle in our current world. Our tool connects you to your soul and puts you back in the seat of reality creation.

If you are suffering physically or mentally and have tried everything else then this retreat is for you. You possess everything you need to live a happy healthy life inside of yourself. You just need a tool that removes the blockages that prevents you from experiencing this. We have that tool. It is a ancient spiritual tool from Gabon Africa.


Retreat Dates

Traditional Bwiti Healing Retreats at Ikara retreat Centre Costa Rica. 
Our next round of retreats in Costa Rica are as follows:

26th to 30th Sept 2022
17th to 21st Oct  2022 
24th to 28th Oct 2022 
7th to 11th Nov  2022 
14th to 18th Nov 2022
12th to 16th Dec 2022
19th to 23rd Dec 2022
9th to 13th Jan 2023
16th to 20th Jan 2023
6th to 10th Feb 2023
13th to 20th Feb 2023

Through thought we create our experience.  Physical illnesses are a manifestation of conflict within the self. Being physical in nature, it sometimes seems that the illness could not be a result of the mind, of thought, and this leads to an inability to see what we are creating. I see no greater proof than those who come to our retreats to fix their physical illnesses. People come because they do not want to go on medication, or maybe they have already tried everything else without any success or relief. These physical symptoms which are so chronic in nature, which have plagued the person for years or a lifetime, are resolved in just 5 days. They do the work. They created it, and they change it with their soul connection, through spirit, an understanding of their life´s purpose and how to create true joy.


Ikara Retreat & Mboka A Nzambe

Spirituality is Unity

Unity of the self first, unity with nature and the resultant unification of the comparative relations with other men.

When you exclude, you fragment, and go against the very nature of what you are seeking through spirituality, which is wholeness.

We endeavor to keep the traditions of the first peoples alive alongside Le Bois Sacre and the application of it in the modern western society. It is only through a true understanding of its origins that it can be faithfully shared with authenticity and effectiveness. For it is only through unity that we can truly achieve a connection to All that is, TETA NZAMBE, God, the One that is within all of us.

Le Bois Sacre is for everyone, but we must continue to nurture and protect it to avoid exploitation and further dissemination of misinformation through the ever expanding web of free information.